2008年12月6日 星期六

Home Town

I grew up in a city in which there are a lot of high-tech companies. When I was a student, I often heard that the workers in those high-tech companies had very high pay. At that time, I thought that maybe I should drop out and try to get into those companies. Then, my classmate said, "well, then you may spend much money to see doctors because of working overtime and pressure." However, there were two voices in my mind. One is "show me the money"; the other is "I want my life."

Nowadays, everyone in my home town suddenly has much free time after the financial crisis happened. Everyone thinks too much about economy and too negative. However, there are always opportunities as one is in good health. Money is important, and having enough money may be a condition. But it cannot limit our live, because we can define what enough is.

2008年11月27日 星期四

About the company

My company manufactures LCD panels which can be applied to TV, monitor, NB, mobile device, car display, smart phone, and so on. In other words, we offer display solutions.

The product of TFT-LCD which means Thin-Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display has become the display technology of choice thanks to their thin, lightweight, energy-efficient, and low-radiation characteristics.

The structure of TFT-LCD likes a sandwich. There are two glass and a layer of liquid crystal between the glass. Finally, a light source is put at the back. I am in charge of the light source component called Back Light.

2008年11月21日 星期五

What makes you laugh?

Memories make me laugh; dreams also make me laugh. I can know what I did, what I was, and what I went through with my friends in the past by means of memories. In the other hand, dreams which let me construct my future bring me hope. Memories and dreams let me smile and sometime encourage me to face the problems I meet.

Funny stories or jokes make people laugh, including me. I feel great and smile when I see fantastic scenes. I will be delighted while chatting with old friends. When the situation is right, I will laugh.

There are many reasons making me laugh. However, maybe it is not things make me laugh. The mood which I have perhaps is the real reason of laughing. The valuable things and pleasant atmosphere bring me a good mood. Then, it is easy to laugh.

Life goes on. There is no reason to make myself uncomfortable. Someday, you may see I start laughing for no reason, just because you cannot read my mind. I will try to satisfy what I have and keep a good mood to make me laugh.

========== Background music ==========
For No Reason --Joanna Wang(Joanna Wang /Bing Wang) 

put on your shoes
people used to tell me
now the think it's like a style
of some kind or something

how do I explain that
I just don't believe in
all this purposely for
the world's perception of me

this is only rubbish put eloquently
like all the gothic poetry
kids are writing
from the high school scene

Hey let's start running
for no reason
let's start laughing
without any jokes
when did we need excuse to do
what we do I won't explain myself
wouldn't you agree that sounds nice

that's right
we can go out
watch a movie
climb out my window
in the middle of the night
and when the world's asleep we shall dance
like mad amusement only
would't you agree that sounds nice

so you mean you just
don't like wearing shoes
I've got sweety feet
I think I've made my point

if you truly like it then
it won't mean a thing
if it's a trend or if it's banned
by the fashion police

all the things I do I don't do them for you
I'm not down to earth not
planning to be
it's all hypocrisy


2008年11月17日 星期一


"Wisdom" is important to us, because it can help us to make decisions or deal with problems. However, if wisdom is so crucial, how do we develop it? And why are there some people getting more wisdom than others?

At first, what is wisdom? Wisdom defined in the Wikipedia is knowledge, understanding, experience, discretion, and intuitive understanding, along with a capacity to apply these qualities well towards finding solutions to problems. We are easier to know how to develop it while we understand what it means.

Although everyone will be older and get more experiences as time goes by, it don't mean everyone will be wiser or older person must have more wisdom than younger. But why? I think that knowledge, discretion, and understanding are not only generated by ages, but also created by the efforts you made. We have to learn diligently, pay attention to our live experience, and think how to thinking.

Finally, it is about the capacity to apply these qualities well. I think having knowledge and experience is not enough. When knowledge, experience, and so on are not used, they just like veils, not power. Therefore, another key point is how to use them. We can use the way of try and error or make a plan to handle problems with those qualities. Whatever we do, we must create more opportunities to practice using knowledge and experience in order to develop a capacity of leveraging power.

2008年11月9日 星期日

This I believe

I believe in the cause and effect. Everything or actions be done must impact on the future.

When I was younger, I do not know why people try hard to do things. For example, some students study hard, and some do not. But finally all students graduated from school. And there is a question- why do I spend so much time and pay attention to study in order to get the same ending? It looks like unfair.

However, according to my experience, if I study hard, I get not only the good grade, but also gain knowledge, such as learn how to think logically and how to execute the plan. And the benefits of knowledge will be generated in the work or life of future.

I had studied hard in the junior high school. After that, I entered a good senior high school. I had made a great effort to learn in my after-graduate school, and then, I got a job after I graduated. Everything I done will influence on my future. It is the cause and effect.

Steve Jobs said that “you can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” One person working hard may not be success, but successful person must work hard. Therefore, do not waste time and catch any opportunities of dreams coming true.

2008年11月7日 星期五

How do you feel on a warm sunny day?

I like the sunrises and sunsets because of its hopeful and beautiful. In addition, I feel that life is great and I am lucky when it is a warm sunny day, because I can enjoy the sunny day.

Everything is wonderful, if people see the world in a different way. It sounds like the song which Louis Armstrong sung - what a wonderful world.

"I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world"

Then, I always wish I could bring a novel I liked and brink a cup of coffee in a café to spend my time without any work on a sunny day. What a wonderful day! The fact, however, is that I must work hard to earn a living. But I can do those things on my holiday or take the good mood which a sunny day bringing me during working.

An attitude influences on belief, and the belief of a person will have deep effects on his or her actions. Every action will impact on future. A warm sunny day is not only the weather, but also may let people feel something.

Life is too short to argue or fight for everything. Treasuring something good, such as friendship, is more important than working overtime everyday. In short, a sunny day lets me feel optimistic to think the positive side of things.

2008年11月2日 星期日

What is my job ?

I work for CPT in the purchasing department of Small and Medium Product Business Unit as a purchasing engineer. I am in charge of the cost of Back Light which is one of LCD materials and look after suppliers. Sometimes, I have to deal with problems, such as delivery time. There are eight purchaser in our team. I report to the assistant manager who is my boss.

2008年10月28日 星期二

What would happen if there were no television? Why would this be good? bad?

Some TV programs are attractive and make people involve in the situation of programs. It is hard to ignore that there is a television if you have one. Then, people usually spent more and more time on seeing a television.

If there were no television, I could save a lot of time. I think it is great for me, because I often spend much time on watching TV. I can read more books, think more things, and dream more dreams, if I save time from watching TV. Time is limited!!

However, television brings us some benefits. People can get news and knowledge from it. On the other hand, watching programs which you like can relieve the pressure of modern life. And people may have some interesting gossips or common topics to talk each other.

The benefits or bad effects of using a product, such us a television or a computer, are decided by the people who use it. When it comes to watching television, the most important thing is how do you manage your time and life. Therefore, if there were no television, it is uncertainty that life will become better or worse. It depends on you!

Self Introduce

Hi, my name is Phillip. I am 27 years old and come from Hsin-chu city. And I graduated from NCU in July. Now, I work in CPT with many new friends.

I like to watch movies, go out with friends, play PS3, read novels, and so on. It sounds like I have a lot of hobbies. Actually, my favorite interest is sleeping as much as I can in holidays and meeting with friends. On the other hand, I do like stories having meaningful or touching content in any kind of type, such as movies, novels, games and comics.

Finally, I am glad to meet new friends and enjoy the English class !!